Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rails shirts

Last week, I was meeting with a group of my favourite students, one of whom was wearing a beautiful plaid shirt. She told us to feel it--it was so soft and the fabric draped beautifully. She's the kind of girl who is unaware of her beauty--pretty much anything would look great on her--so I did not want to compare myself to her nor copy her style, but the shirt was nice and soft. It was by Rails, the LA-based company so favoured by west coast celebs. Usually, West Coast brands are not my style, but it is the season for checked shirts. When I got home, I found out that amazon had a few styles for 20% off, including one that was reduced. By the time all the discounts were applied, I got it for under half price ($61) with free shipping.

I'm now wearing it and it is soft and drapes so well that I'm tempted to get a second. I'm trying not to splurge on clothes this year--too many other expenses and important things to do--but if this one wears well, I may very likely buy a second, as long as I can get a discount.

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