Thursday, March 6, 2014


When I was pregnant with our darling little Severin, Evan and I had the greatest difficulty agreeing on names. If he'd been a girl, we'd have had an easier job (we already had a name we could use if we couldn't think of something better that we both liked) but the anatomy scan forced us back into the more difficult territory of mutually liked boy's names. It became the topic we postponed discussing until it couldn't be postponed any longer. I looked everywhere for inspiration, finding it in the most unlikely of settings--a screening of Belle du Jour in my Media and Fashion seminar.

Little did we know that Catherine Deneuve would hear about our lovely little boy from a dear friend--and that she would be pleased about our inspiration. Sometimes it is a very small world.


Brittan said...

Wow! Coolest story ever.

erica said...

That's really an amazing story!