Sunday, December 1, 2013


I may be cursing myself and it may just be the a daily variation but today, I swear my clothes felt a little loose. I have a few signs that I could finally be losing some of the weight that gradually crept up on me over the last few years. I may not have put on much pregnancy weight but my body shape certainly shifted so clothes just don't fit as well. I've heard that breast feeding causes some weight to stick around. As Severin fast approaches his first birthday and enjoys other food, he is nursing less but still with vigour so it may be that the weaning process is beginning and, combined with my carb cutback, I'm getting back into shape. After all, this little boy enjoyed his Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing this year and is beginning to eat real solids as well as purees.

Of course, I may just have spoiled everything by eating a slice of Evan's mother's delicious lemon cake which I am sure contained 50+ grams of carbs. I vow that I will eliminate these late evening carb fests as hard as it may be. For my health, my baby boy and for the sake of any future children with whom I may be blessed.


Marti said...

Moya it took me 5 years+ to lose that baby weight. Interval running and elimination diet. its the only way.

erica said...

The late evening carb fests are tough to eliminate, especially if you're up between 9 pm and 2 am writing lectures, grading, emailing. I get so darn hungry while working. Things have been going downhill with me this semester, I need to cut out sugar. Too much stress!