Sunday, January 13, 2013


This little boy gives me so much pleasure--I can't believe that he's here. He has such a sweet demeanor and is so beautiful and full of grace. At this age, of course, he sleeps and feeds most of the time and, in turn, I spend most of my time in a single chair breast feeding or pumping milk while trying to read and reply to work emails when I am able to free one hand. It's both an intense and mellow time--he's next to me most of the time he isn't in my arms, snug in his Fisher Price Rock and Play sleeper that Cindy so kindly bought me (thanks for the suggestion, Quinn--it is a lifesaver). Of course, I'm not so mobile right now either as a result of the emergency c-section, and I am also behind on so many professional responsibilities as a result (like the marketing questionnaire for the book and letters of recommendation for students for grad school which I'll be writing tonight).

Here's another picture of our little boy. As great as his pictures are, they really don't do this gorgeous boy justice.


erica said...

so sweet and alert. i love the early days when they're always with you. once they become mobile, they often want to go exploring.

he's beautiful, moya! i hope your recovery goes smoothly. i bounced back immediately after leon, but i was down for a full 6 weeks after my easy homebirth. go figure...!

Quinn said...

You sound so happy! I'm glad you're having a good babymoon. And that the rocker is working well for you. Take care of yourself!

joyce said...

Congratulations! You sound so blissful. I love his name, too.

Christina said...

Moya, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!!!! I'm so happy for you and Evan. :) Hope you recover quickly. Take Care!

Aniko said...

Hi, Moya!

Thrilling to see more pix of your beautiful little guy! Glad to hear that things are going well now that you are all home. Would love to hear more -- would love to talk with you! So great that you've got a nurse for these early weeks. What a gift!

Thinking of you,

Cindy said...

Severin is GORGEOUS! I am so happy for you and Evan, this is simply just the best. And I am really ecstatic that you're getting using the rocker!