Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Day

With no mass transit and a supposedly record "Frankenstorm" on its way, we've been confined to the apartment today. Not knowing what would happen when (just like the media), I printed up lecture notes for later in the week and graded tests mindful that the power could go out at any minute. Preserving some battery power was essential so I've alternated between my laptop, iPad and phone to communicate with all those worried friends and family, keeping at least two charging at any time. If the power went out, I planned to use a laptop to watch movies and an iPad to read magazines or books (no light needed that way) and my phone to check news and important emails from work. It took Evan to remind me that I couldn't stream a movie from netflix or check email if the power went out as we'd lose internet as well.

For much of the day, I felt like a bit of a fraud--class was cancelled but it wasn't even raining and we didn't see much wind here either. Between work and instagramming the cats, I started feeling moderate levels of cabin fever but was grateful I wasn't experiencing anything worse.

As we're running out of boxes, I couldn't even pack for the imminent move, but at least some of the grading and course prep is complete for the end of the week. Hopefully, nothing major will happen and nobody will be hurt, but I'm very aware that this isn't over yet and a lot could change in the next few hours.

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