Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tocca Fall 2012

It's been a hectic month but now my book is in and hopefully needs no more revisions, I can turn my attention towards other matters.

I've been extremely frugal these last few months. Other than picking up some undies in Marks and Spencer, I didn't get any clothes while I was home, although I was tempted by a few pieces in COS and Topshop. Still, the idea of paying full price for fall 2012 clothes while it was still summer didn't grab me, and I left empty handed. I've found that the less I buy, the more difficult it is to make that next transaction. I have to say I'm pleased with myself.

I didn't even manage to buy any of the Tocca Spring collection on sale. Granted, it looks like the biggest discount was a paltry 30% and the sale merchandise has vanished from their website, so I don't think I missed out on too much. But if I was in the market for fall clothes right now, I think I'd be strongly tempted by their new collection. I love short box pleat skirts, print blouses, slim jackets and well designed knits as well as pretty dresses and it looks like Emma has produced a beautiful line this season along those ends--evidently inspired by English school uniforms (another weakness of mine). Fewer coats than usual, but that's as well as I'm well situated in that area. I do regret not getting her lovely oatmeal cardigan from last season but, along with coats, I'm not exactly struggling in that area.

All I can say is if I can fit into any of these by January when they go on sale, I'll probably pick up a few pieces.


Emilie said...

I admire your restraint and greatly wish I'd shown some at the Rag & Bone bonzana at Loehmann's this week. I must have been thinking of you, though, when I got Rachel Comey booties and a floral Girl by Band of Outsiders smock dress, and at least both were on sale!

marielle murray said...
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