Saturday, July 31, 2010

More J. Crew

I received my J. Crew order a couple of days ago. I have to photograph the items to show how they look in real life, but I am very happy. The dress is a more muted purple (definitely purple rather than fuschia) which is prettier than the color online. It's lined in cotton and is going to be a great summer addition. My one quibble is that I wish it was a little wider at the bottom but I'll still get a lot of use out of it. I wish I had held off ordering it as it dropped in price $10 (which would admittedly have only saved me $7) before the 30% off sale ended. The skirt was as pretty as I remembered. It fits although I may have sized up to a L just to have it be a little more roomy. Of course, then I'd run the risk of it falling off. In addition, I'm doing yoga a lot and may very well be a size smaller in time. I also tend to buy clothing a size too big for no particular reason. Sometimes, as with Banda, this backfires as the dress runs really large.

Later in the week--the day after I thought the J. Crew 30% discount had ended, I found some new sale items I wanted. I was pleased to see that the sale was ongoing, and purchased the following, which should arrive early next week.

I got this in a medium for about $65 (with the 30% discount). I was thrilled as I've wanted it since I first saw it but was patiently waiting for it to go on sale. It then sold out but even though more were ordered, I never thought it would go on sale. I know Marti gets great use from hers and I'm sure this will be a favourite. The gold color is still full price, btw.

This t-shirt was just $20 with the additional 30% discount. It was another item I'd contemplated buying when I saw it in the store ($39 originally) but I was on the fence. Not any more. The stripes fade in one corner as though the shirt has been well worn which I actually like. I think I'll also wear this one a lot and both items will work together well and be basics that combine nicely with other items in my closet.

I also found the following skirt in the Flatiron J. Crew store. I'd wanted it when I first saw it but it was $139 which was a little high when the sales tax is factored in. Then it was reduced to $79.99, Diane Kruger was photographed in it and it sold out. I found one online for $49 with 30% discount but it was size 10--too big. It also sold before I could go back and put it in my cart. The one I found was a 6 and fit perfectly and with the 30% store discount, was just over $30.


joyce said...

Oh, I love that cardigan. I've been spending so much, though, that I just can't justify without the additional discount.

Moya said...

I empathize. I spent a ridiculous amount this month, new computer notwithstanding. Sales always get me--but I've pretty much gotten most of the items on my wishlist now. So hopefully I can economize this month.

If that cardigan hadn't been reduced for the last day of the 30% markdown, I'd have skipped it. I'd wait for the next reduction--you know they'll have one in another two weeks...

Marti said...

The cardi you will wear all the time! great purchases! we need to hit the JCrew sale when I am in town